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  • My ACCESS Florida Login
September 22, 2013

The Automated Community Connection to Economic Self Sufficiency (ACCESS Florida) program is your source for food stamp assistance. When you sign up for ACCESS Florida, you will need to create a “My ACCESS” account in order to update or check on your benefit status online. Once you have a My ACCESS account, you will be able to log in to your account details online anytime you want.

Account Creation

Before you do anything else, you will need to create a My ACCESS account on the ACCESS Florida website. In order to do that, you will need to know the Access Florida Login information. That will include:

–          Name

–          Social Security Number

–          Case Number

–          Other Associated Account Information

Essentially, you will need to prove that the connected account is yours, or that you have a right to create it for someone else. You can create or view someone else’s account only if you are their Primary Information Person, Payee, or Authorized Representative.

During the creation of the account, you must choose a user name and password. You should make sure that those are not easy for someone else to guess. You should also make sure that you memorize them or keep them written down in a safe place. Note that you will be able to change your password later, if you want to. However, you must keep your original user name for as long as you are in the ACCESS Florida program.

Getting Stuck

If you find yourself getting stuck when creating your My ACCESS Florida account, you may need to click on “Apply for Benefits” to fill out a web application, first. Your My ACCESS account can only be used to view your existing ACCESS Florida information. If you haven’t yet applied for benefits, you won’t be able to create a My ACCESS account.

If you have already applied for ACCESS Florida benefits, you should be able to create a My ACCESS account using your case number and related information. If you have any trouble filling out the web forms, just click on the link for help at the top of each form page. If you are still stuck, you can call customer 866-762-2237. However, you should note that calling that number will only work during business hours.

Logging In to ACCESS Florida

Once you have created your login for ACCESS Florida, you can log in and check on your account status at any time. However, you will need either your 9-digit temporary account code and your password or your user name and password in order to do so. To log in to My ACCESS Florida, simply visit and enter your user name or temporary access code and password. Then follow the directions to review or change your account details.